Five Albums I Will Love Forever

Music is a unifying entity despite all of the small genres encompassed in such a broad subject.  The world would be rather dull and lifeless without it, and we all find ourselves drawn to particular genres.  Throughout my life different albums have paved the way for my current tastes, but there are a few albums that have made a mark on my life.  This is a challenging post for me, because narrowing down five albums is tough when you love so much music.  However, these are a few that I find myself coming back to no matter what.

1) Weezer’s – “Blue Album”

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with Weezer, and I give credit to my friend who introduced me to this album when I was in seventh grade.  At this point in my life my music taste was at an interesting crossroads—I was transitioning into what I listen to now slowly but surely, and getting further away from the old boy band CDs I once worshiped.  I put this album on for the first time, and to this day I still listen to it all the way through without skipping any songs.  The “blue album” opened me up to a new musical horizon, and my favorite band.  Granted as time passes Weezer’s newer music cannot compare to this album, but I still love them.  I had the opportunity to see them in Atlantic City about a year ago, and will be seeing them again in November.  The “blue album” contains iconic Weezer songs, and some of my more favorite lyrics of theirs.

2) Wilco – Sky Blue Sky

Jeff Tweedy’s lyricism and guitar solos won me over when I first listened to this album.  In fact, I’ll admit, I had not listened to Wilco before this album came out.  I bought a copy of Sky Blue Sky at the mall, and I was hooked.  I got myself a couple more albums, but I hold this one near to my heart since it got me started on the band. Anytime I drive I have to listen to a few songs on this album.  “Impossible Germany” is by far one of the best for driving, but the album in its entirety provides for a great road trip soundtrack.

3) Death Cab For Cutie – Transatlanticism

People have a lot of varying opinions in regards to what Death Cab albums are quality or not, but I will always be a Transatlanticism fan.  In all honesty, Death Cab is one of my favorite bands, and the only album I really ever disliked by them was Narrow Stairs.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a Ben Gibbard fan girl, so I’ll just be honest—I’m a proud Ben Gibbard fan girl.  This is a tough category for me, but if I absolutely had to choose my favorite Death Cab album it would be this one.  I somehow find myself connecting to the majority of the lyrics, and naturally, plenty of them have been my Facebook statuses or tweets (let’s be real here).  Besides actual content, the album cover is one of my favorites.  My next step is to get this beauty on vinyl.

4) Peter Bjorn And John – Writer’s Block

Here is another album with some of my favorite lyrics and album art.  Everyone knows how insanely catchy “Young Folks” is, but this entire album boasts some great tunes.  My favorites are “Up Against the Wall” and “Amsterdam.”  When I first heard this album in high school I knew I’d fall in love with this band.  Their albums prior to Writer’s Block are also quality albums, but this once again holds sentimental value for me.  As a band they are fun-loving, and they put on a great show.  I had the privilege of seeing them play at the Bowery Ballroom front and center.  Their latest album is a worthy listen, but I think for me this will always be the best one.

5) Tycho – Dive

Last, but certainly not least, is Dive.  I am a lover of ambient music, but Scott Hansen is one of my favorites.  Throughout school when I needed to study or be productive I’d throw on this album.  It is one that can be listened to without skipping any songs, and the music is beautiful.  All I can say is when it is nice out take a walk while listening to this album.  I recently took a walk to enjoy the autumn leaves while listening to this album, and it was a blissful experience.  One of the best concerts I have ever been to as well, hands down.  He is an artist through and through be it with his music or actual graphic art, and this album is one I will appreciate forever.


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